Simplified Spring Cleaning

Karl Miller
Published on March 25, 2020

Simplified Spring Cleaning

Simplified Spring Cleaning

Last time we talked a lot about prepping the outdoors for Spring’s imminent arrival. Today let’s take a look at the inside! Spring Cleaning might sound a little intimidating to you, and perhaps conjures up images of balancing on shaky ladders to scrub the exteriors of second-floor windows… Maybe as a child you spent too many sunny spring Saturdays helping Mom or Dad clean out the garage or attic, as the warming weather seemed to turn them into organizing fiends? It’s ok. We can probably all relate. But thankfully, there are easier, low-stress ways to tackle the perennial #adulting event of traditional Spring Cleaning. If you stay organized, keep it simple, and stock the right tools and products, you too can Spring Clean #likeaboss.


Diving headlong into a whole-house cleaning and organizing fit of passion will probably leave you frustrated and feeling dissatisfied with the results. Instead, get organized first. You could start by breaking the house into zones, with lists of tasks for each zone. For example:

Organize drawers and closets (donate any clothes that you didn’t wear!)
Rotate your mattress
Disinfect kids’ toys (throw plastic toys in the dishwasher!)

Organize cabinets and drawers
Properly dispose of old medicine and toiletries
Wash shower curtain and floor mat (some can go in the washing machine)

Home Office:
Clean keyboard with canned air
Disinfect computer mouse and phone
Cull through filing cabinets and dispose of outdated records

Or you could make category lists and work your way through priorities. For example:

Closets: tackle every closet in the house, one at a time, and then make a Goodwill donation run.
Glass: wash all windows, mirrors, french doors, and glass-fronted cabinets/displays
Curtains and Upholstery: collect and launder all the curtains– hanging them to dry on a sunny day will make your house smell fresh and spring-like. Rent an upholstery cleaner and freshen up all the couches and chairs.


Avoid getting sucked into time-wasting jobs that have little actual effect on your daily life. This may differ for each individual, depending on what your priorities are, but generally speaking, washing your windows is going to freshen up your daily life more effectively than alphabetizing or color-coding every bookcase in the house. Think about what items and areas you look at or interact with on a daily basis as you plan a priority list to work through. If you have extra energy and time after organizing your pantry and removing outdated food, THEN maybe create hand-drawn and lettered labels for each spice jar in your rack. If you feel like it…


If you have scheduled an entire weekend to attack your first Spring Cleaning of the New Decade, there’s nothing worse than running out of Lysol wipes in the middle of your first bathroom! Make sure you stock up on cleaning products before you start. Do you have clean filters or bags for your vacuum? How about that drapery attachment… is it still in the back corner of the pantry where you left it last year? Making sure your tools are in good working order should be a top priority before you get started. And consider splurging on some luxury, time-saving products to make your life easier. Check out what rental equipment might be available in your area and think about a quick trip to a Bed, Bath and Beyond or another container store for some convenient organizational items.

Are you inspired to attack the clutter and built-up grime of a wet, muddy Winter? We hope so! If you have favorite tips and tricks that you depend on to get you motivated or facilitate success, let us know! How do YOU Spring Clean?


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